Ginger SOFRECO owns a unique experience in every sector of the metals industry. Our fully integrated expertise covers mining, processing, metals manufacturing, and distribution.  

We handle entire project lifecycles, from conceptual studies to EPC supervision. 

With decades of experience in metal related industries, Ginger SOFRECO has been involved in the implementation of projects worth several billion USD in investments, in which we have provided consultancy services from feasibility studies to project commissioning. 

Our services

Our projects

Cast Iron and Steel plant construction supervision
Cast Iron and Steel plant construction supervision Client : Vietnam-China Mining and Metallurgy Co

Ginger SOFRECO provided assistance to VTM for the supervision of the Lao Cai Cast Iron and Steel Plant Project including: a sintering plant, a blast furnace, a steel plant and ancillary installations. 

Cost estimate of the Lao Cai Steel Plant project
Cost estimate of the Lao Cai Steel Plant project Client : Vietnam Steel Corporation

Ginger SOFRECO estimated the investment cost of the Lao Cai steel plant project. 

Installations included storage and handling, a sintering plant (capacity 860 000t/year), a blast furnace (capacity 530 000 t/year), a steel plant (continuous casting, capacity 500 000 t/year), auxiliary equipment (including the production of oxygen and nitrogen, capacity 10 000 m3/h), and a supply plant 110 kV/10kV/100 MVA. 

Technical support and feasibility study 
Technical support and feasibility study  Client : Burkina Faso Mining and Energy Ministry

Ginger SOFRECO realized an assessment of the laboratory’s capacities in terms of mineral and chemical analysis, geophysics and topography, human resources, organization and operations and equipment.  

The work aimed to strengthen the laboratory’s operational capacities and train its staff and prepare a feasibility study of the installation of a mineral pilot treatment centre within BUMIGEB. 

Privatization and restructuration
Privatization and restructuration Client : Egypt - Public Enterprise Office

Proposal of privatisation strategies and/or definition of prior restructuring of 12 Affiliate Companies of the Metallurgical Industries Holding Co. (MIHC) and provision of advice and support to the MIHC in implementing the privatisation of 9 affiliate companies.  

The sectors targeted were steel, aluminiumferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals, metallic construction, mining, glass and refractories, railway stock, and river transport..