At Ginger SOFRECO, we strive to deliver capacity enhancement and quality assistance to our clients, wherever they are in the value chain: farmers, breeders, intermediaries, processors, wholesalers and retailers including their professional organisations and representations.

Our services

Our projects

Expertise for tree crops project
Expertise for tree crops project Client : Confidential

Ginger SOFRECO provided technical expertise for the analysis of an investment project in tropical tree crops in West Africa. 

Services included: 

  • Description of practices for the purchase of raw materialsequity and sustainability analysis 
  • Assisting the client in evaluating the business plans  
  • Analysis of an outgrowers’ project and formulation of recommendations if necessary 
Evaluation of coton ginning factories
Evaluation of coton ginning factories Client : SONAPRA

Ginger SOFRECO realized a technical and financial evaluation with the objective of determining the whole economic value of assets including buildings, factories, production equipment (ginning chain equipment, handling equipment, factory rolling stock and other equipment, spare part stocks and consumables). 

The whole asset included on ten factories.

Meat Project feasibility in Mauritania
Meat Project feasibility in Mauritania Client : AAAID

Ginger SOFRECO realized an analysis of the economic environment for agricultural investment in Mauritania to develop projects in the sectors of livestock farming, slaughter and red meat processing. Services included: 

  • Regional market study on red meat 
  • Proposal of investment projects  
  • Technical and financial study of the project selected by the client  
  • Search for partners to co-invest with the client