Sofreco Group

An integrated consultancy service for development

The SOFRECO Group provides integrated expertise in Engineering, Consulting and Training for the sustainable development of countries in development and transition as well as the development of industrial projects. 

Founded in 1976, SOFRECO is an independent French company specialised in development cooperation and industry development. As a member of Syntec-Ingénierie, the professional engineering branch of the SYNTEC Federation, SOFRECO operates in line with the ethical policies of the international funding agencies. 

In 2009, SOFRECO created a training centre devoted to its business areas, the Perspective Training and Research Institute, which delivers training designed for senior management from the public and private sector.  

Conseil Santé, a subsidiary specialised to the health sector and social protection, joined the Group in 1997. 

Sofreco Group's activites

SOFRECO GROUP provides consulting (studies, technical assistance), engineering, and training services to public sector actors (governments and regional organizations), international financial institut

As a multidisciplinary company, SOFRECO GROUP’s fields of activity include:

Sustainable development

  • Agriculture & rural development
  • Environment & Natural Resources Management


  • Education, TVET and Employment
  • Health & Social protection (Conseil Santé)
  • Training and Research Institute (Perspective)


  • Economics
  • Public Administration Reform, Justice
  • Private Sector Development


  • Industry & Agribusiness
  • Mining Engineering & Governance
  • Infrastructure, Energy & Transport

SOFRECO Worldwide

Based in Greater Paris (Clichy, France), SOFRECO GROUP has permanent offices in Brussels, Africa and Asia, and a network of representatives in the countries where it frequently intervenes and to Donors.  

This organisation includes permanent offices (regional coordination office in Lome, Ouagadougou, and Phnom Penh, national representation offices in Algiers and Kinshasa and an office of representation to the European Commission –Brussels-) and representatives in numerous countries. 

This organisation is completed by a network of international and local partners developed over +45 years of existence (private and public companies, NGOs, etc.), and the project teams and offices for the ongoing assignments in various countries (local bases). 

We carried out +2,750 projects in 150 countries on five continents. 

SOFRECO Worldwide