SOFRECO in Mining and Industry

SOFRECO is a consulting and engineering company employing experienced industry professionals offering high quality consulting engineering services to the global industry: mining, agriculture, fertilizers, etc.

Building on the expertise of our Group, we bring to each project not only the technical expertise, but also the know-how in organization, financing, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, hence supporting our Clients in all stages of project development, driving investment decisions and optimizing project execution.

1976 Establishement of SOFRECO & 1st engineering contract in the sugar industry
1977 1st Project Management Consultant contract for construction supervision of a sugar complex
1982 1st project in Chemicals and Fertilizers
1986 HUMIFERT patent granted for production of NPK from low-grade phosphate rocks and organics
1997 1st project in Mine engineering
2008 1st contract as lender Technical Adviser for the construction of major chemicals and fertilizers industrial complex
2009 Feasibility Study for an industrial project with investment value of over 1 Billion USD
2017 Zero waste/effluent Chemical complex design and construction supervision
2021 180 Engineering projects executed (or completed)
2023 Ginger SOFRECO

Our values

One team
Technical excellence
Health, safety and environment (hse) policy

Mining & Industry’s team

engineers, lawyers, geologists, social experts, scientists at headquarters
experts mobilized each year to carry out projects
global presence

Our staff in mining and industry includes geologists, geochemists, geophysists, mining engineers, process engineers, civil, mechanical, electrical engineers, economists, financial analysts, market specialists, environmental experts, legal experts, HR & management consultants with internationally recognized high-level expertise.

Our geologists and mining engineers are affiliated to international professional associations allowing them to sign-off mineral resource and ore reserve statements according to international standards: JORC Code and NI 43-101.

SOFRECO’s patents

SOFRECO’s patents

HUMIFERT is an innovative process created and developed by the SOFRECO Group, whereby an organic NPK fertilizer is obtained through a reaction between NOx and phosphate mixed with organic waste (peat, bagasse, etc.). With HUMIFERT, it is possible to optimise the use of low-grade, poor quality phosphate, as the presence of organic acids favours the absorption of nutrients by plants. This process is adapted to mini fertilizer plants.

SOFRECO’s patents

Process for nitric attack of natural phosphates by in-situ formation of attack nitric acid in which the phosphates are made to react in the presence of water with nitrogen oxides. The phosphate is mixed with an organic support so as to give the finished product the structure of a compost.

SOFRECO’s patents

Process and the equipment necessary for its implementation allowing distillation, concentration, degasing of a liquid by placing in contact with a gaseous fluid encouraging movement.

Membership of professional organizations

SOFRECO is a member of the following associations

Mineral Industry and Territorial Dynamics Chair
Four French Schools of Mines and Geology set up a research chair in order to work on the link between mining activities and civil society. SOFRECO joined the chair as one of its industrial partners.
As a leader in the development aid in the agro-industry, SOFRECO is a member of the ADEPTA association whose objective is to promote French technological expertise in the field of agro-industry. The companies adhering to ADEPTA cover all industrial needs, from upstream to downstream (inputs, processes, equipment).
SYNTEC is a federation representing more than 3000 French groups and companies specializing in the digital, engineering, consulting, event and professional training professions. As a Member of Syntec-Ingénierie, the professional engineering branch of the SYNTEC Federation, SOFRECO adheres to the ethical policies of international donors and contractually imposes on its staff, its experts and its partners the respect of its Code of Ethics. establishing our values in terms of corporate social responsibility (professionalism, transparency, integrity, confidentiality, loyalty and ethics).
The Association, known as the Geological Society of France (SGF), which is recognized as a public utility, aims to contribute to the development of Earth and Planetary Sciences, both in itself and in its dealings with industry, agriculture, the environment and education.
The SIM is a French association that aims to bring together all the professionals concerned with mineral raw materials, their exploitation and their transformation. Its objective is to promote and disseminate scientific and technical knowledge related to mineral raw materials.